Business/Mission statement

A Leader in Rebuilding Lives:

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Rehabilitation has a long history of leading-edge rehabilitation care. We helped pioneer the interdisciplinary team model that has become a national standard for rehabilitation programs. Our innovative research efforts continue to bring new technology, therapies and protocols to our patients. Backed by these resources, our care team brings together a diverse range of skills and experience for the single purpose of helping to rebuild lives following serious and often catastrophic injury and illness.

As a basic part of that goal, we believe that the uniqueness of each patient is best served by an equally unique approach to care. This belief is built into the highly personalized care plans that help direct the rehabilitation of each patient. It's also seen in the team of physiatrists, other physician specialists, nurses, therapists, psychologists, social workers, case managers and other specially trained health professionals. This team approach provides consistency during rehabilitation as well as the flexibility to quickly change personnel and resources as the patient's needs change with the recovery process.

On the most basic level, the highly individualized focus on each patient is an ongoing part of our staff training and a defining feature of the culture of personalized care that has been nurtured at the Rehabilitation Center for more than four decades.

Our Guiding Principles

At The Rehabilitation Center at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, we undertook a strategic planning process in August of 2014, starting with a retreat on September 29, 2014 and culminating into this Strategic Plan. During this process the Rehab Leadership Team, along with input from staff, have recommitted to our Mission and re-authored our Vision as follows:

  • Mission: To serve as a leading rehabilitation center where unsurpassed patient-centered care is delivered by dedicated people focusing on optimizing health and independence, while conducting and applying cutting edge research.
  • Vision: To Be a Leader in Rebuilding Lives

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