Referral & Admission

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Rehabilitation treats patients with many different neurological diagnoses, and we admit to three different units, the Spinal Cord Injury, Ortho Unit, the Brain Injury and General Rehabilitation Unit, as well as the Rehab Trauma Center. All referrals go through our admissions office, and include a thorough physician review, as well as case management review of diagnosis, medical condition, rehabilitation goals, funding requirements, and anticipated discharge disposition. We treat young patients, generally from 0 to 16, on our Pedi Rehab floor, which is managed by pediatricians, with rehabilitation consult.

All referrals are handled on a case by case basis, with a great deal of attention and customer service, which often includes an on site visit by one of our liaisons out in the field. Because SCVMC is part of a Level 1 trauma hospital, we have the resources to handle medically complex patients, including those on ventilators. Many of these medically complex patients begin their stay with us in the Rehab Trauma Center; this intensive care setting allows a team of rehabilitation and surgical specialists to provide immediate admission and treatment.

As an academic medical center and as a Model System of Care, we seek to provide information and resources regarding the care of neuro rehabilitation patients regionwide. We understand that interpreting admission criteria can be difficult, and the rules can change, so we welcome your phone call with a referral, or with general questions. This is what we do every day and we can help provide answers in this often complicated process.

To make an adult or pediatric referral to the Rehabilitation Center please call 408.885.2032 or fax 408.885.2001.

For outpatient referrals, please call 408.885.7106 or fax 408.885.7110.

For either inpatient or outpatient referrals, and to schedule a tour of the Rehabilitation Center, please call 408.885.2032