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Critical Services for Patients, a Valuable Resource for Referring Physicians
The Rehabilitation Trauma Center (RTC) is a unique component of our overall rehabilitation program. The availability of this intensive care setting within the Rehabilitation Center allows for earliest possible admission and treatment following a spinal cord injury (SCI), providing rehabilitation-focused care for medically complex patients including those who have just had or are about to have surgery.
The use of medical intensivists in the RTC, physicians who specialize in the care of critically ill or injured patients, is an approach that SCVMC helped pioneer and is a valuable complement to the work of the spine surgeon and neurosurgeon in the operating room. Although the RTC primarily treats individuals with spinal cord injury, patients with traumatic brain injury accompanied by respiratory concerns are also cared for in this distinctive medical setting.
High Quadriplegic Program - A note to physicians
Image Gallery The Rehabilitation Trauma Center provides around-the-clock respiratory management for ventilator dependent patients. Our specialization in invasive and non-invasive respiratory technology has resulted in an outstanding record of successful vent weaning and home discharge. In addition, our rate of pulmonary emboli occurrence is exceptionally low and therapeutic bronchoscopies average less than one per 100 patients.
How RTC's Approach Benefits the Referring Physician
  • You can transfer the patient soon after surgical stabilization with the assurance of vent weaning, nutrition, bowel and bladder care.
  • We provide families with support and nurturing who may be experiencing the worst crisis of their lives.
  • You can have confidence that comes with knowing the patient will receive the best post surgery and rehab care available.
  • We are highly responsive to each surgeon's paradigm for post-op imaging studies and precautions.
  • You will automatically receive all team reports and radiologic studies.
  • We can arrange for office visits once the patient is sitting in a wheelchair long enough to tolerate the visit.
  • We closely coordinate post-discharge care with your office.
  • If preferred, your patient can receive spine care through SCVMC.
How RTC's Approach Benefits the Patient
  • You are less likely to experience complications including respiratory, DVT, infections, contractures and pressure ulcers.
  • We are very experienced in managing pain and spasticity.
  • We focus very closely on ensuring the best possible nutrition for you.
  • Our expertise in vent management and weaning is deep, broad and world-class.
  • The RTC integrates rehab into an ICU setting, so that the same team of therapists will follow you from there to the acute rehab floor.
  • We can aggressively manage the complications of coexistent spinal cord and brain injury.
  • We can provide strong emotional support and psychological intervention earlier in the treatment and rehabilitation process.
How RTC Benefits the Patient's Family
  • You are encouraged to be present in the RTC, around the clock.
  • We provide education at an earlier stage about spinal cord and brain injuries for all family members.
  • The RTC staff can ensure that the family receives peer support and psychological support at the earliest possible time.
To make an adult or pediatric referral to the Rehabilitation Center please call 408.885.2032 or fax 408.885.2001.
For outpatient referrals, please call 408.885.7106 or fax 408.885.7110.
For either inpatient or outpatient referrals, and to schedule a tour of the Rehabilitation Center, please call 408.885.2032.


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