Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, a 574-bed acute care hospital, owned and operated by the County of Santa Clara, with level 1 Trauma Center is recognized for its exceptional inpatient and outpatient care, as well as a full range of specialty services. At SCVMC, we are committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive care.

We are the only facility in Northern California that can provide comprehensive care for the full range of life-threatening and life-altering injuries and illnesses. Whether it's a burn, trauma, spinal or neurological injury in an adult or child, or a woman facing a high-risk pregnancy and delivery, Santa Clara Valley medical Center provides a breadth of highly trained specialized physicians, nurses, therapists, and others who will provide exceptional treatment.

SCVMC is a reliable partner of physicians, hospitals and emergency medical serve providers, anywhere in the state, when they encounter patients whose injuries or illnesses exceed their capabilities.

Because our catastrophic services include an acclaimed Rehabilitation Trauma Center, we can care for patients arriving immediately from the field (this should link to the RTC content on website), or from the hospital that stabilized them, until they are ready to return home. Since we provide such a comprehensive range of services, we are able to eliminate the need for risky and expensive "hand-offs" to other facilities. The seamless transition from acute care to rehabilitation improves outcomes and hastens recovery in the most effective way possible.

We serve patients and their families with state-of the-art resources, multi-disciplinary planning and careful attention to psychosocial and emotional needs. We are proud to provide these within an academic teaching hospital that is training the medical leaders of tomorrow, and conducting research that will continue to provide important advances in medical practice.