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Stroke Rehabilitation Program Scope Of Care
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Stroke is a complex and serious medical condition that can impair speech, motion, the thinking process, memory and the ability to carry out a wide range of functions that were once taken for granted as part of everyday life. For these reasons, the aftermath of stroke can be a time of anxiety, uncertainty and even despair for the stroke survivor as well as family members and care-givers. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is a Joint Commission-designated Primary Stroke Center (PSC), meaning that emergency personnel will bring a stroke patient here for the most optimum treatment and rehabilitation, rather than a non-PSC medical facility.

Experience Leads to Better Outcomes

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Rehabilitation has an exceptional depth and breadth of experience with stroke patients, with excellent patient outcomes. In 2011 we treated 198 persons with stroke, and discharged 79.3% to a community setting, as compared to the national average of 64.4%. Based on independent national data, our patients with stroke also made significantly greater functional gains when compared to regional and national averages.

In addition, data compiled by Professional Research Consultants (PRC) show that patents and their families were highly satisfied with their SCVMC rehabilitation experience, with 88.8% stating they would recommend our Rehabilitation Center to a family member or friend. These outcomes highlight the work of our skilled, experienced and compassionate staff, and enable stroke survivors and their families to rely on our rehabilitation program to foster optimal psychological, social, vocational and economic adjustment.

A Team Approach to Care

The Rehabilitation Center helped pioneer the multidisciplinary team approach to neuro-rehabilitation, and continues to develop innovations and make contributions to the understanding and treatment of brain injury, including stroke. The team-oriented approach to care is led and coordinated by the largest number of board-certified physiatrists (physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation) on the West Coast, along with other physician specialists including neurologists, nurses, therapists, social workers, case managers, psychologists and other health professionals with specialized training in stroke.

Throughout the inpatient experience and beyond, the most important members of this team are the individuals with stroke and their families who are encouraged and supported to take part in every aspect of care.


Stroke Program

How satisfied were our patients with their care?

  • Over 93.7% of our patients rated their care as good to excellent.
  • 92.0% of our patients would recommend our hospital to their friend and family.
Where did our patients get discharged to?
  • 882% of our patients were discharged to a home setting compared to a national average of only 72%.
  • Only 7% of our patients were discharged to a skilled nursing facility compared to the national average of 18%.
How complex are the patients we treat medically?
  • Based on case mix index, a measurement of the complexity of the medical needs, our patients were nearly 11.6% more medically complex than the national average.
Who are our patients?
  • The average age for patients with a stroke was 60 years old.
  • We serve adolescents starting at age 14 with an individualized, developmentally appropriate plan of care.
  • 57% of the patients were male and 43% were female.
  • Patients stayed an average of 19 days in the hospital.
Quality of Life:
  • 95.7% of our patients agree that the rehab program prepared them for going home.

To make an adult or pediatric referral to the Rehabilitation Center please call 408.885.2032 or fax 408.885.2001.

For outpatient referrals, please call 408.885.7106 or fax 408.885.7110.

For either inpatient or outpatient referrals, and to schedule a tour of the Rehabilitation Center, please call 408.885.2032