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About Your Stay in the Hospital
What to Expect
Interdisciplinary Team Assessment
Once you are accepted into the Rehabilitation Center, an Interdisciplinary Team Assessment (ITA) takes place within the first 48 hours of your arrival. During the ITA, you and your family are asked to identify goals for your individualized rehabilitation program. Following the ITA, the team meets about your patient focused plan of care and to determine an estimated length of stay. The plan of care will be reviewed and updated regularly, as part of the staff inpatient team conferences.

Therapy Days
Therapy days are designed to closely follow what you can expect once you return home. For some, the morning routine will be similar to life at home, and for others it will be very different.
Every Monday through Saturday you will be involved in at least three hours of therapy. Therapy may occur in your room, in one of our many gyms, or out in the community. Your family is expected to participate in your therapy and learn how to assist you as needed. You will learn how to train your family and caregivers in various aspects of your care.
Our staff will help you organize how you will care for yourself, including activities like showering, grooming, dressing, eating, and going to the toilet. Staff will make sure you understand your medications and dosages. You will also be assigned a primary nurse for the day, in addition to the nurse who oversees your entire stay.
You will also have a primary Occupational and Physical Therapists, and in some cases a Speech Pathologist, who will design a program just for you. You will also be seen by therapy assistants and other therapists who will know your specific goals.
You will be expected to attend the educational classes that apply to your individual situation. Towards the end of your stay you may be involved in the Transition to Home Program (TTH) which allows you and your family to practice all the skills that are required to make a safe transition to home.
Our entire team is available to answer any questions as they come up. Your full participation in your rehabilitation program will help you reach your goals and develop the skill you will need to live as independently as possible.
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