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It's time for some good news in health care

Posted by SCVMC Admin
February 04, 2016


SCVMC Rehabilitation is home to the region’s most brain injury boarded physicians

By Thao Duong, MD
Chief, Brain Injury Program
SCVMC Rehabilitation Center

If you follow the news related to our healthcare system, particularly in the area of healthcare reform, you’re probably a little frustrated at the uneven progress we’re making as a nation and the contentious political atmosphere that now exists. Closer to home, however, there’s good news that holds the potential to make a positive impact on the health of people within our community and our region of the country.

I am pleased to announce that all four of the SCVMC Rehabilitation Center physicians working in the area of traumatic and acquired brain injury are now certified in Brain Injury Medicine, a subspecialty certification recently offered by the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, a member of the American Board of Medical Specialities.

This commitment to providing the highest quality of care has been a hallmark of our Rehabilitation Center which first began treating patients in 1972. While I am proud of the individual accomplishment that this specialized board certification means to each of us individually, I am even more gratified by the commitment and expertise that this type of credentialing and professional development represents for our Brain Injury program.

SCVMC Rehab now has more brain injury certified physicians than any other Rehabilitation Center on the West Coast. For the close-by and more distant communities where we extend care, that translates to more physicians who demonstrate expertise and experience in brain injury care while continually improving their knowledge base. I am honored to lead this team of physicians in serving our patients and families every day.

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