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Keep On Fighting

Posted by SCVMC Admin
February 04, 2016


Dedicating himself to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art that focuses on grappling and takedowns, Steven Watts has won several competitions, including four world championships. During his spare time, the Humboldt State University alumnus has served on the boards of directors of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce and Arcata Main Street Meetings, and is also a president of Californians for Alternatives to Toxins, an environmental group.

While participating in his second match of So You Wanna Fight Tournament at the Cher-Ae Heights Casino, Mr. Watts sustained a severe spinal cord injury, requiring immediate medical attention. Suffering from a C1-C4 spinal cord fracture, requiring both a wheelchair and a caregiver at all times, Mr. Watts is very appreciative of his time here at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Rehabilitation and has very high respect for the nurses who have stood by his side throughout his difficult journey. According to Mr. Watts, the nursing staff has gone above and beyond during his stay at the rehabilitation center because they understand that he is in a difficult place and they want to help because they truly care. Mr. Watts is very thankful for their continuous support and attributes his improving health on their dedication to the medical field.

It took Mr. Watts some time to accept his injury and new life, but he emphasizes that the first thing one must do after an injury is to accept it in order to learn and improve. He states that “you will not wake up and have it be all better; you need to work at it.” The best place to start is at one’s basic needs, once those requirements are met, one has a starting baseline and can only continue to grow. It may take some tough love, but it will all be worth it.

Four months later, Mr. Watts and his family are anxiously awaiting his discharge from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Rehabilitation, excited for his “rite of passage” to return home and start life again post injury, especially visiting with his friends who flew across the country to see him. Mr. Watts encourages everyone to “work hard and never lose positivity because it is a long road ahead.” There will always be difficulties in life, but one must keep fighting no matter how hard it may be because it will all be worth it in the end.

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